Removal of teeth's without pain
Removal of impacted teeth's
Operation of infections and dental cyst
Filling of teeth's
Prosthetic replacments for fixed and mobile.
Ceramic and zircon Bridges
Plant-implantation of teeth with most contemporary system of impantation Nobel Biocare





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Science and technology move forward every time, but there are few people who manages to walk a step with scientific developments. Perhaps they are little but this does not mean that we don’t have such people. Dr.Spec. Pashk N. Shala specialized in implantology (sowing of teeth) at the Oral Clinic Surgery in University of Vienna. Pashk Shala has also completed professional training in Zurich, Bern, Basel, Monaco and Las Vegas (USA). So there is no place for concerns regarding dental health. We have the right place where to address for each thing that has to do with our teeth. But this is not all that this Dental Clinic offers. Therefore for each concern we guarantee the most professional treatment that can be offered in our country. 

Professional services from very professional dentist dr. Pashk N. Shala.


SHALA-DENT Dental Clinic, welcomes you.